Thursday, December 11, 2008

Follow My Carving - Step 14 - It's Finished

The finished carving is ready. The dark walnut frame truly compliments the honey-brown carving. And the beautiful sienna and white stained glass are a perfect accent, creating a dramatic backdrop for the old oak.

Visit the Heartwood Art site to see a slide show of how both the tree and glass change color with the light.

If you have enjoyed watching this carving as it was created, leave a comment or drop me a line at carvings at HeartwoodArt dot com.

You can see more carvings at the Heartwood Art site.



realfEZ said...

Have I been the only one to follow you on this wonderful trip?

Congratulations! It turned out stately yet so very fine.

All the Best to come,

MaAnna Stephenson said...

Hi Fez, thanks for the comments. Lots of followers but few who speak up ;-) The slide show is on the website at