Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Launch of new carving site

The new Heartwood Art carving site has been created and is now available at www.HeartwoodArt.com. Heartwood Art features limited edition tree carvings with beautiful stained glass backgrounds.


Steven C. Bradley said...

I really loved the photos of your carvings. You have a massive amount of talent and creativity. I noticed that many of the pieces were already sold too. No doubt! They were beautiful! That was great to see and I wondered how you could do some of the backgrounds and images. Amazing!
Steven Clark Bradley

Hal said...

Your work is inspiring. Creativity manifests in many ways, your expression is pure love in physical form.
I appreciate you.

Janet Grace Riehl said...

What a gorgeous logo, in the style of William Morris.

Yvonne Perry said...


Could you post a short blurb about what got you started doing this kind of intricate work?


mizging said...

Uh oh! This was a bad place to visit. I love wood carvings and stained glass. Dang that Yvonne for this tour. *lol*

Actually, I'll be back to visit and see how your sites flourishes.

I'm hoping you'll visit me at http://mizging.blogspot.com
I can't carve, and never did anything with glass, but I can stain things for life. *VBG*

Cheers and best wishes,

mizging said...

Oh no, I just noticed. You're in Tennessee, really close to me. I'm a gonner. :)

Vicky DeCoster said...

What absolutely beautiful creativity at its best. I wish I had your talent and a bigger balance in my checkbook so I could buy all your inventory. Keep up the fabulous work and please visit us in Omaha at the Summer Arts Festival!
Kindest regards,
Vicky DeCoster

Mark David Gerson said...

Just checked out your site. What beautiful carvings!

Best of luck in getting your work out into the world.

Mark David Gerson

Thursday said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I'm amazed at how delicate your carvings look -- like if a person breathed on them, they'd blow away. Wow!