Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New carving started

Thanks to all for the great comments about the artwork. The next carving in the Knotty Tree series is roughed out. It has several more crossing branches which will give it even more depth. It's also being carved out of the nice soft maple wood, which is a little darker in tone than the birch. That's because the stained glass that will go behind it is a soft, butter yellow with hints of orange. It ought to be a nice contrast piece. Also, this new piece will have feet, so it can free stand on a table. The feet can easily be removed for wall mounting.

Yvonne had asked for a little blurb about how I got started creating these unique pieces of carving and glass. You can find the whole story on the Heartwood Art site on the "Artist Profile" page at I began with small relief carvings and later started making scroll saw pieces. When I first attempted to combine the two disciplines, I was told that it couldn't be done because the thin wood blank would explode. Obviously, I found a way, but you'll want to read the full story on the site to get the skinny on the trick I discovered. You'll also find many of my earlier carvings and some of my stained glass work as well. In fact, stained glass landscapes will be incorporated into the 2008 series of trees.

While you're on the site, you might want to sign up for email notifications of when new art is available. It sells very quickly.


sydney molare said...

Your pieces are beautiful.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

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Nice, to meet you. And yes, I agree with Sydney. Beautiful! (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson